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The email address for submitting material has changed as of Feb 1, 2017. Please send all material to kayelle.allen @ (no spaces). Thank you!

Who reads Romance Lives Forever?
Romance Lives Forever is geared toward readers like you. RLF readers are open-minded, desire a variety of material, and are generally interested in all genres of Romance. Many authors read this blog, and are open to writing and marketing tips, how-to articles, success stories, and reviews of author services. The blog readers are an eclectic mix of people from various backgrounds, and include many not in the publishing field.

Who Owns Romance Lives Forever?

I do. I'm Kayelle Allen. I write Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, and Non-fiction. I have a personal blog, and I guest blog on many sites. Romance Lives Forever is my gift to readers and authors alike. I want it to be a fun place to find new books and discover authors. The blog admin is Nicole Morgan who is a multi-published author of erotic romantic novels. She schedules dates, contacts authors with links for the site, and handles other aspects of the blog's function. I am involved in every part of Romance Lives Forever, but the site is so busy, I need help. If you have questions for either of us, you can send it to one email and we will both get it. 

What Authors Think of RLF

Comments received from former guests on the blog:
  • Thank you so much, Kayelle. I'm always happy to visit. My book went back to Number One and climbed in two other categories on Amazon after appearing on this blog. I appreciate all the RTs and mentions and the chance to post here. Thanks to all. - Mary J McCoy-Dressel
  • Thanks, Kayelle. I'm excited about how many people downloaded "Handling Cynthia" after I appeared on your blog. The book made it to #1 in BDSM on the Amazon free list. I hope your readers enjoy it! - Andrea Dalling
  • I just wanted to thank you, personally, for letting me have a spotlight feature on your blog. We received hundreds of retweets from RLF readers and I'm sure being on your blog introduced hundreds of people to our Anthology who might never have known it existed otherwise. I really appreciate your willingness to take a chance on authors who are just starting to make names for ourselves. -- Freya Lange
  • I've done a few book tours before, but none have been as lively as this weekend has been. I don't know how you have the time to do all you do. The newspaper idea is great, by the way! - Nhys Glover
  • I've been super excited about the response. Tons of retweets and my followers are growing. More important, I've had a little uptick in my sales rank on Amazon. Can't thank you enough. - DawnMarie Richards
  • I'd like to thank you and the RLF team for helping Mastered 2 hit the USA Today Bestseller list. This was my first time hitting the list (though the other writers tell me it never gets less exciting - grins). I REALLY appreciate that you spread the word for us. - Cynthia Sax
  • Wow! This has been a lot of fun, Kayelle. You ask great questions that make a person think about her character and the whole experience has been the best I've had in the blogging-sphere. Thank you! - Pamela Moran
  • I can't believe the retweet of my visit to your blog!... I broke my highest record of hits - in fact I came close to tripling it! - Barbara Donlon Bradley
  • I signed up and paid a lot of money for blog tours and advertising, and haven't had the amount of activity, especially on Twitter, that your post did for me. Thanks again! - Angela Smith
  • Thanks so much for all this great promo, Kayelle. My website page views go way up when I'm on your site! - Naomi Bellina
  • Thanks so much Kayelle, this will surely help my novel get immense exposure that will hopefully drive the sales ahead. This is awesome *thumbs up* -- N. Jay
  • This is wonderful! More than I expected. - Linda Mooney
  • I can't thank you enough for hosting me on your blog. I am floored with the amount of tweets I received... I look forward to working with you again real soon. - Karen Cino
  • My phone has pinged all day long from retweets. - Marilyn Baxter
  • Holy cow! My phone didn't quit buzzing with notifications yesterday. Or today. I'm gushing effusively over here - thanks so much for this opportunity. I'll keep retweeting for the next couple of days. - Gemma Brocato
  • Thank you so much! You are great source of exposure for writers! - Rhonda Laurel
  • This is awesome, thank you so much, Kayelle. I tell you, it was maddening: Today was one of my rare meetings-in-the-office days, and my phone was going nuts with all the notifications of tweets and retweets and mentions of this guest post ... and I couldn't do a darned thing about it! : ) Well, I'm home now and spreading the word like mad! Thanks so much again, this was a great experience! - Veronica Bale

        Heat Limits and Content

        Do you take self-published books?
        Yes. I am self-pubbed myself. RLF is open to all books.
        Can I post covers of my books?
        Yes, you can post one, in jpg format (no gifs). Don't worry about size, but please add your name or the book's title to the images so I can find them when downloaded. If everyone sent "mybook.jpg" it would be a nightmare to find the right one. Please attach the cover to your email when you send me your post. I cannot use embedded images. For boxed sets, please send a flat (non 3d) cover. We will resize if needed, but minimum size must be no smaller than 200x300 px.
        Do you accept same-sex books and stories (M/M, F/F, LGBTQ)?
        Yes. As above, no excerpts are permitted for any book.
        What genres do you accept?
        I accept all genres, but RLF readers primarily like Romance and its many subgenres. In addition, Regency, Historical, Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal are big hits here. With apologies, I do not accept Children's books. I will take older YA, so long as it is not geared toward children.
        Do you have a heat limit or rating requirement?

        Yes. Romance Lives Forever does not accept excerpts of any type. However, you can host your erotic and erotica books here. The blurb and other information should be rated at no higher than PG13. I limit #hashtags to mainstream material (#erotic vs #erotica, for example) and while I host BDSM books, I  do not use #BDSM hashtags. I'm far from a prude, but I do want to extend the reach of the blog to a wide audience of readers.
        Any other "no-nos"?
        I don't take political posts, religious posts, and I don't use covers that have nudity (including male behinds), incest, age play, and because my parents both died from smoking-related diseases, no covers that depict tobacco use. Romance Lives Forever is privately owned, and if a cover or story pushes an envelope that makes me personally uncomfortable, I will ask you to submit something else. Generally, that limit only includes nude covers, incest, and satanic material (including books about Lucifer). My decision is final. Ask me about anything. I won't bite you, ever. I promise.
        What should I send?
        Send one cover along with an article or one of the interviews as attachments. Info embedded in email changes format and with 360 posts per year, that is a lot of work to fix. The RSS feed to Triberr (which drives promotion) carries size limitations. You may list previous books but not links to them. I regret having to limit your post, but without doing this, the feed could be interrupted, and the promotion this blog provides might stop working.
        What about contests? Can I hold one?
        Contests and giveaways are not required. I don't discourage giveaways, but I don't permit Rafflecopter. The Federal Trade Commission defines giveaways specifically as things that are given away for simply entering a contest. Anything else ("liking" something, following someone, etc.) could be considered a raffle (paying for, or providing a service in response for a chance) and therefore might be taxable or prohibited by law. For that reason, I do not permit this type of giveaway on my site. Authors who use them and want to provide a link may include one line referencing a separate contest available on another site. To enter a contest on Romance Lives Forever, readers may leave their name and email. No other requirements may be asked on this site. I don't encourage or require contests but I'm not opposed to them, so no space is given for one on the interview forms. If you would like to add a link to a contest on another site, place the information at the bottom of the form. Again - contests and giveaways are not required.
        Do you review books?
        No, I do not.
        Is your blog SEO friendly?
        I use keywords in every post, and label images. Every post is labeled with the author name, the book title, and genre.
        Do you track page views on this blog? How many readers do you have?
        I won't share the exact numbers, but the blog's reach via Triberr is 3.5 million, plus Romance Lives Forever can be followed via G+, RSS, email, and be read on Kindle.
        What is your Alexa ranking?
        You can see the image below, or read details for yourself, right here:

        RLF Gems

        On the first of each month, I present the top five bloggers with a beautiful graphic award. The top blogger of the month wins a free month of advertising on the site. The year's top blogger wins a free year of advertising.

        Top Chatter Award

        Because the person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the person who gets the most page views per month, I instituted the Top Chatter Award. This is the award for the person who receives the most comments. It goes to the top three people in that category. To win, a guest must have five or more comments (not counting the guest author's).

        Tours and Events

        Do you host blog tours?

        Yes. If you own a blog tour service, feel free to contact me. Personal Assistants and Promoters please note: I spend a great deal of time promoting your authors, and to do that in a fair manner, I require their social media links as well as email. I will copy you on all correspendence, but I reserve the right to refuse anyone who does not provide this information. Romance Lives Forever is all about networking. Those who are not interested in helping their authors network should apply elsewhere.
        What about mutiple author events?
        A number of these have visited the blog. Contact me if you want more detailed info.

        How do I sign up?

        1. Sign up by clicking Reserve A Date above, or
        2. Have your personal assistant or promotion service do this. If someone does it for you, I will need their email and yours.

        What I'll do for you.

        Your post will be featured on the front page of the blog's own newsletter Romance Lives Forever ezine
        Your post will be automatically posted on Twitter.
        It will be posted on the Marketing for Romance Authors page on Facebook.
        My Triberr tribes will tweet it as well.
        Your cover will be pinned to a special board on Pinterest.
        Before your post goes live, you'll be sent the link and title.

        What you can do.

        Like and share my Facebook post to your Facebook page. Shared posts are ranked higher on Facebook.
        While you're there, please like my page. I will be returning the favor for you.
        Retweet the mentions on Twitter. You can also reply, or follow those who mention you. You'll get an average of 40-50 mentions per visit to the blog.
        Follow me on Twitter! Mutual promotion is always a good idea.
        Use the blog's hashtag #RLFblog for your own promotions. Retweet the hashtag when you see others use it.
        Add your own promos using the non-breaking URL and you have the potential for excellent exposure.

        I look forward to seeing your material on my blog. Please contact me if you need assistance or have questions.

        Kayelle Allen
        This page was updated on 2/1/17
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