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That’s me, Kayelle (pronounced like K L) Allen, in the pink jacket. It's my favorite color. I’m showing you my face because I want you to know who I am. Whether you're here as an author sharing books or as a reader discovering them, it's nice to put a face with a name. By the way, those pretty silver streaks in my hair are not expensive highlights. ;) They were earned the hard way -- by living my life.

When it comes to privacy, believe me, I value mine. You can also believe I will protect yours.

If you enter a contest on this site, you will be required to provide your email in order for the guest author to contact you. Any Rafflecopter or other type links are offsite and are not the responsibility of Romance Lives Forever. Third party programs of that type are not used on this site.

Pietas, the hero of my scifi Bringer of Chaos series, will tell you how we handle cookies. (Psst! Don't let his gruff exterior scare you away. His book reveals what a big heart he has. But -- you didn't hear that from me.)

-- Kayelle Allen


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